Crystal Bins is “reliable!”

Chris McGimsie of Made by McG, a full service
renovation company in Toronto, started working
with Crystal Bins about a year ago and says he
wouldn’t want to work with anyone else.
McGimsie, a regular guest expert on Cityline,
has been helping Torontonians with their home
renovation projects for 10 years and switched
between bin companies along the way.When he
saw a bin from Crystal Bins at another job site,
he decided to give them a call and hasn’t looked
back since.

“They’re reliable,” he says. “Their rates are also
fair and competitive.”
McGimsie says the companies he worked with
in the past would often require him to schedule
a bin at least a day before he would need it for a
job. Crystal Bins, on the other hand, was happy
to fulfil his requests on the day of. The general
contractorwas impressed with the quick drop off
and pickup of the bins.

He also appreciated the professionalism of
the team at Crystal Bins. He says all employees
have been very respectful and punctual, including
Jessica, who always answers the phone and
ensures McGimsie is helped immediately.
In the past, McGimsie says he had to chase bin
companies to complete the billing process, so he

appreciates the prompt billing at Crystal Bins that
allows him to focus his attention on his work.
“I’m sticking with Crystal Bins, 100 per cent,”
says McGimsie. “I would recommend them to
my friends.”
Crystal Bins is a full service waste removal and
disposal, bin rental and junk removal company.
Their rates are backed by a written estimate that
is good for 30 days.