Rave reviews for Crystal Bins!

When the owner and operator of RJM Roofing (rjmroofingrepairs@gmail.com), Shawn McDonald, needed to rent dumpster bins he turned to Kijiji. He was tired of businesses being dishonest and charging him for services he didn’t use and he knew it was time for a change. He compared prices and decided to give Crystal Bins a chance.

“They had reasonable pricing and their service seemed a lot better,” says McDonald. After using the local business once, McDonald was hooked. His best guess is that he’s worked with Crystal Bins about 20 times and has no plans to stop. He was impressed when he disposed of 45 bundles, instead of the 50 he had prepaid for and noticed a credit on his account.

“They’re honest,” says McDonald. “I can also call them the night before and they’ll come out the next day. I’ve never had an issue with them.”

Also, Crystal Bins exemplary service doesn’t take a break. When McDonald realized he would need a bin the next day, he email Jessica (a representative with Crystal Bins) and, even though she as on vacation, he received a prompt response. The bin was at the work site the next day.

McDonald has worked with companies in the past that have removed bins early without notice, something he says he has never experienced with Crystal Bins. “They work with you,” he says. “They’re very reasonable and understanding.”

On McDonald’s recommendation, fellow contractors have started working with Crystal, something for which the company has personally thanked him.

“Give them a chance and try them out,” McDonald recommends. “I’m sure you will be happy with them.”