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“I just wanted to say thank you for your help and service. We have never used disposal bins before and you made the process smooth and pain free. We will definitely be recommending you to our friends and family and will be keeping your number for future house clean outs!”

- Anonymous

Jessica, thank you so much for the great service you’ve given me as a customer. You have been quick, efficient and open to answering all my questions   I will definitely recommend your company to my friends and colleagues!

Maryann T

Thanks Jessica. Great service. Will recommend to anyone who asks.

Paul D

Thanks so much for all your help with our multiple waste bin rentals. Clearing out our parents’ house has been a monumental task and your efficient service has been one less thing we needed to worry about. We appreciate your flexibility with delivery and pick up times and always trying to accommodate our schedule. Also love your competitive pricing (especially for the larger bins)! I’ve already recommended you to friends and neighbours!


I’ve been using Crystal Bins now for the past 6yrs and i have had no problems with this company always on time and the staff and driver are amazing people to deal with they have a lot of respect for home owners property and i give them a 5 star for there great work and pricing is better then anyone out there thank you Jessica P and Crystal bins keep up the amazing work and ill be sure to pass on more business to other contractors thanks

Phil Tamburro | Tamburro Home Renovations

When the owner and operator of RJM Roofing (rjmroofingrepairs@gmail.com), Shawn McDonald, needed to rent dumpster bins he turned to Kijiji. He was tired of businesses being dishonest and charging him for services he didn’t use and he knew it was time for a change. He compared prices and decided to give Crystal Bins a chance.

“They had reasonable pricing and their service seemed a lot better,” says McDonald. After using the local business once, McDonald was hooked. His best guess is that he’s worked with Crystal Bins about 20 times and has no plans to stop. He was impressed when he disposed of 45 bundles, instead of the 50 he had prepaid for and noticed a credit on his account.

“They’re honest,” says McDonald. “I can also call them the night before and they’ll come out the next day. I’ve never had an issue with them.”

Also, Crystal Bins exemplary service doesn’t take a break. When McDonald realized he would need a bin the next day, he email Jessica (a representative with Crystal Bins) and, even though she as on vacation, he received a prompt response. The bin was at the work site the next day.

McDonald has worked with companies in the past that have removed bins early without notice, something he says he has never experienced with Crystal Bins. “They work with you,” he says. “They’re very reasonable and understanding.”

On McDonald’s recommendation, fellow contractors have started working with Crystal, something for which the company has personally thanked him.

“Give them a chance and try them out,” McDonald recommends. “I’m sure you will be happy with them.”


Shawn McDonald | RJM Roofing

Great Lakes Brewery has been a leader in the craft beer business for 30 years and president Peter Bulut likes to work with local businesses.

One of his favourites is Crystal Bins, a company he says he found in a newspaper advertisement.
He cold-called the number in the ad and was surprised when he was offered a bin to be delivered immediately. “I liked their pricing and demeanor,” says Bulut. “Other companies would say ‘we’ll see what we can do. Maybe today. Maybe tomorrow,’ but Crystal Bins is always on top of it. They’ll you get a bin right away.”

Whenever Bulut works with contractors on changes or additions, he insists on using bins from Crystal Bins because of their speediness and reliability. He’s also been impressed with the
friendliness of the staff and their willingness to accommodate any situation or concern. “They’re really professional and top shelf,” he says. “I would absolutely recommend them to a friend or another local business. I wouldn’t hesitate.” Bulut says he’s happy with the bin company’s honesty. They’ve always been up front with costs and ensure there aren’t any unwanted surprises. The office staff has always been courteous, polite and professional and they’re open to accommodating special requests. “Crystal Bins has made keeping my warehouse clean easier from day one with same day swaps available,” he says. “They strive to keep all equipment clean and free from defects and pass any savings they can directly on to the customer. I will definitely continue to use Crystal Bins for all
my needs.”

Peter Bulut | Great Lakes Brewery

Tamburro Home Renovations has been helping homeowners transform their houses for 23 years and they’ve trusted Crystal Bins for the last seven or eight.
Phil Tamburro, owner of Tamburro Home Renovations, discovered Crystal Bins when he visited a job site. The homeowner had rented a bin herself from Crystal Bins and Tamburro was
impressed with their service. “I had another bin company I dealt with, but I find Crystal Bins has rates that are more competitive,” he says. He found that other companies would make promises they couldn’t keep and liked the way Crystal Bins made sure to deliver what they had agreed upon, on time.
“I use them all the time,” he says. “If I need the bin the next day, they find away to send it to me. Tamburro says he would recommend the bin company to his friends because he’s never had an issue with them. “They’re great at handling their business,” he says. “They’re always on time and on top of everything. They’re a great company to work with.”
On top of the great rates and punctuality, Tamburro says the people at Crystal Bins “are amazing” and they’ve helped make things easy for him. “All of the employees are really good with me,” he says. “I give them all five stars. I have no complaints about them.”

Phil Tamburro | Tamburro Home Renovations

A local business owner says Crystal Bins works with his schedule

Level Q Renovation & Design knows quality work – it’s what the“Q”stands for, after all, so it’s no surprise the local business trusts Crystal Bins to take care of all of its waste removal needs.
Level Q owner Ehab Mroueh was working with another bin company when it went out of business, leaving him with plenty of work and no bins. He took to the internet and decided to give
Crystal Bins a try. “I was left searching for a company that could match the level of service I was used to,”he says. “I found Crystal Bins, which ended up being even better.”
Mroueh likes the way Crystal Bins operates and prefers them to the larger companies that he says don’t care as much about their clients. The local bin company gives him as many bins as he needs
with little notice and the staff is personable. “I’ve worked with a lot of bigger companies and they make it difficult to order a bin on demand,” he says. “With Crystal, call and it’s there.”
Since many of his jobs have him needing a bin at the last minute, Mroueh relies on quick and easy bookings and deliveries. He says he really trusts Crystal Bins because they put him first and
worry about invoicing him for the bins after he’s received them.
Mroueh says he would recommend Crystal Bins to all contractors because they always work with their clients’ busy schedules. “They’re the best bin company I’ve dealt with so far,”he says.

Level Q-Ehab | Tamburro Home Renovations

Chris McGimsie of Made by McG, a full service
renovation company in Toronto, started working
with Crystal Bins about a year ago and says he
wouldn’t want to work with anyone else.
McGimsie, a regular guest expert on Cityline,
has been helping Torontonians with their home
renovation projects for 10 years and switched
between bin companies along the way.When he
saw a bin from Crystal Bins at another job site,
he decided to give them a call and hasn’t looked
back since.

“They’re reliable,” he says. “Their rates are also
fair and competitive.”
McGimsie says the companies he worked with
in the past would often require him to schedule
a bin at least a day before he would need it for a
job. Crystal Bins, on the other hand, was happy
to fulfil his requests on the day of. The general
contractorwas impressed with the quick drop off
and pickup of the bins.

He also appreciated the professionalism of
the team at Crystal Bins. He says all employees
have been very respectful and punctual, including
Jessica, who always answers the phone and
ensures McGimsie is helped immediately.
In the past, McGimsie says he had to chase bin
companies to complete the billing process, so he

appreciates the prompt billing at Crystal Bins that
allows him to focus his attention on his work.
“I’m sticking with Crystal Bins, 100 per cent,”
says McGimsie. “I would recommend them to
my friends.”
Crystal Bins is a full service waste removal and
disposal, bin rental and junk removal company.
Their rates are backed by a written estimate that
is good for 30 days.

Chris McGimsie | Made by McG